Mary Buquo

Mary Buquo

Mary Buquo is the Controller and Finance Manager at STR Constructors, LLC

Mary made a significant career move, transitioning from Houston to the vibrant city of Austin, Texas in June of 2023 to accept this pivotal role. With a wealth of professional experience spanning Quality Assurance, Operations, and Office Management, Mary brings a remarkable skill set to her new position. Her role at STR Constructors is marked by her exceptional ability to exercise discretion and independent judgment, allowing her to navigate complex financial data with ease. Furthermore, Mary's expertise has led to the implementation of innovative processes and procedures that have significantly streamlined customer satisfaction, a testament to her dedication to improving overall operational efficiency.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Mary is a devoted mother of two young children, and in her leisure time, she enjoys engaging in bidding and estimating on DIY projects, collaborating with her husband to bring their creative visions to life. Mary’s multifaceted career and unwavering commitment to excellence make her a valuable asset to the STR Constructors team. Her dedication to balancing her professional success with her family life and her passion for DIY projects showcase her determination and creative spirit, making her a well-rounded individual admired by both her colleagues and loved ones.


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