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What Is Austin Energy Green Building?
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What Is Austin Energy Green Building?

It’s not just a fad. Building with environmental impact in mind has been a growing responsibility for all builders since the 1990s. From the establishment of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) in the mid 1990s to the creation of Austin Energy Green Building (AEGB) in 1991, building sustainably in Texas has become a top priority.

While the environmental impact of building green has been touted loudly, the economic sustainability of green buildings should also resonate strongly in all industries. From cost saving energy efficiencies and saving money on reusable materials to tax cutting incentive programs, greener building is often a better fiscal choice for companies, too.

STR Constructors has maintained a 4-star rating with AEGB for years and is here to break down the important aspects of green building to business owners.

Here’s how AEGB and our expert general contractors can build more sustainably for you!

What Is Green Building?

In basic terms, green building is a construction practice that requires buildings to be created using sustainable, environmentally responsible, and resource efficient methods.

When using these practices correctly, sustainability and environmental impact should be considered in all phases of construction, from design and construction to the operation and maintenance of a building to its demolition. The environmental impact of an entire life-cycle of a building should be known before its construction even begins.

Green building also interprets the term “environment” in multiple ways. Considering the natural environment and how constructing something will affect it is apparent. But green building also factors in human health and wellness, as well as the loss of resources due to construction and building placement.

The environmental effects that green building takes into consideration and seeks to curb and prevent include:

  • Waste
  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Indoor pollution
  • Heat islands
  • Stormwater runoff
  • Noise

Ultimately, the goal of green buildings is to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on nature and human health by using resources more efficiently, protecting the occupants inside and bolstering their productivity, and reducing waste, pollution, and materials that degrade the natural environment.

What Makes AEGB a Leader in Green Building?

AEGB has over 30 years creating and promoting building practices that support environmental and human safety. With an overarching and hands-on process that assists architects, contractors, engineers, builders, and owners when developing, planning, and building, the AEGB construction model has brought better building practices to all of Central Texas and beyond.

The organization not only works with the people directly involved in construction but also provides additional educational support and opportunities for anyone interested. From construction companies to community members, enriching resources about green building are available.

Most notably, AEGB developed a rating system for all residential and commercial industry building projects and encouraged city leaders to adopt it for all future construction projects.

The rating system has become a national standard for green building across the country, and nation-wide programs, like the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification program, stem from this program.

How STR Constructors Maintains a 4-Star Rating With AEGB

By not only meeting city building standards and requirements but by going the extra step of building to the AEGB’s green building standards, our contractors factor in as many sustainability options as possible for our clients.

From the very beginning of projects, our team works with a member of the AEGB and uses their guidelines and assessments when planning and orchestrating the construction process. As the build progresses, our team continues to stay in touch and relies on the guidance of green building professionals.

When a building project concludes, our contractors ensure all inspections are completed and the proper paperwork is filed with AEGB.

Following the standards set by AEGB has not only enhanced our building practices but has ensured higher quality, safer, and more sustainable buildings for all of our clients.

Go Green With STR Constructors!

Build confidently and build green with STR Constructors! Let our extensive work with AEGB help guide you as you plan your next commercial construction project. Make your hotel or retail center a safer, more productive place for your employees and customers, and save on energy costs with more energy-efficient office real estate.

No matter your project, our team will find a way to maximize your sustainability goals. Reach out to us anytime to discuss your next project proposal!

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