Value Engineering

Commercial Construction for Central Texas
  • Get more than just a building with value engineering
  • Maximize functionality while staying within budget
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Value Engineering in Commercial Construction

Value engineering with STR Constructors means delivering high-quality buildings that maximize the value of your project. Whether performing construction for large hotel projects or expanding a restaurant franchise into another city, our team invests in finding solutions to optimize the cost to worth ratio of your building.

By analyzing a designed building’s systems and architectural features along with the selected equipment and materials, our team develops the lowest cost plan for your project while maintaining the highest level of performance, safety, and reliability.

Our Value Engineering Process

Relying on our decades of industry experience, our process combines innovative thinking with cost-saving measures that give you the best possible outcome for any project.

Planning Phase

During the planning stage, our team takes your design ideas and considers alternative solutions to optimize your building’s functions, layout, and features.

By selecting the best materials and construction method, our professionals enhance the results of your building and increase the functional value while reducing the costs to build and maintain it.

Construction Phase

While working with our preferred partners and drawing on our shared industry knowledge, our team modifies methods and materials during construction when a cost-saving option becomes available.

These modifications reduce the construction cost or continual cost of the building, while maintaining or exceeding the quality, appearance, and safety of the building or the ease of upkeep.

Get Value Engineering for Your Central Texas Project

From steel structures to commercial remodeling , value engineering can be applied to any building project you have in mind. Determine your best options today, and let our experienced team evaluate your design details and perform a cost analysis.

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