Randy Lee

Randy Lee

In April 2024, Randy Lee joined STR Constructors, LLC as a Commercial Superintendent. With over 30 years of experience in the commercial construction sector, Randy is a highly accomplished Construction Superintendent. He possesses a proven ability to lead and manage diverse teams, delivering high-quality projects on time and within budget. Throughout his illustrious career, Randy has overseen the construction of multiple office buildings, retail establishments, restaurants, and healthcare facilities. His exceptional communication and collaboration skills enable him to effectively work with all project stakeholders, ensuring a seamless and successful project execution. Randy consistently rises to the challenges each project presents with a confident and quick problem-solving attitude, delivering outstanding and cost-effective projects. Outside of his career, Randy enjoys spending time with his wife and beautiful children, as well as indulging in his passions for coaching, hunting, fishing, and singing/playing music with his family and friends.


What Is Value Engineering?

Construction projects of any kind are substantial investments, but there are beneficial ways to maximize the value of your project through value engineering. Learn more about how this method aligns with your budget and project.
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